Web Solutions

Web solutions, you can rely on!

If updating your webpage or managing financial transactions within your web shop, our solutions not only are up to date, if not been checked for functionality, usability issues and most important, your business needs. That why we evaluate day by day new applications and services. We know, what we are selling, since we have used it at some point before. We also are able to consult about security implications and impact on IT-architecture,  We have great experience in open-source and free code aplication helping you many times to drastically reduce license-costs. Anyhow we rather also focus on its flexibility aspect, taking longer usage times into the calculation and support options for any of our solutions.Feel free to contact us, in order to completely understand the benefits of our solutions in comparison with your existing ones.

Internet Applications – a strategic change in IT-Management..

The availability of broadband connections in Mexico has changed the way organizations manage their Hard and Software here. It allows to manage business far more flexible mobile and fast. On the other hand each day more Mexicans consult Internet to get informed. Each day more companies use Internet technologies to automize proceses and work online. The change of IT infrastructure to cloud solutions has become a competive factor, hence the use of Internet can reduce cost for Hardware, licence and update cost. The web browser becomes each day more the new desktop, that can be accessed anywhere in Internet. 

Our web solutions also allow to enter new markets and to distinguish from your competitors.