IT and Media experience

Count on experience for high quality work

In a world where requirements get higher and IT-System more complex, markets more volatile and customers more demanding experience  gets an important factor for your business success. Exidon combines excellence in IT, Web Development, Consulting, Media and Marketing to response to your challanges with quality. Exidon allows you to build a project team of international experienced and high trained engeneers.
We evaluate on a daily basis new technologies in order to consult you better about IT-related initiatives. We have also necesary know-how to develop customized software to your need when it makes sense for your objetives. We do not believe in powerpoint slides until we have tested and worked with a solution in order to plan the real cost/benefits of implementing it for a client. 
Watching web trends and developments from at 1999 we strongly believe that form should follow function, therefore we are highly skilled in user centric design following standards and best practise of usability and  web accessibility guidelines, if required. 
We help companies to cope with permanent change and innovation in IT-related topics and to follow a stable overall IT-Strategie. Expect to learn more about current technologies, media hypes, prodcuts and topics relevant for your company success in this area.